Part 3/5

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The crusader, having traveled for days, arrives at the ruins of a once-prosperous city, now engulfed by nature. Broken skyscrapers rise like decayed teeth from the ground, covered in vegetation. 

Walking through the deserted streets, he finds clues of an advanced civilization, signs of forgotten technologies, and cryptic symbols. He encounters a group of survivors who recognize him as the legendary defender of the past. They reveal that an ancient artifact, key to his mission, is hidden in the city’s depths. 

The crusader promises to help them, guided by the hope of rediscovering his purpose. As they explore together, they uncover ancient digital libraries and mysterious machinery. Every step brings them closer to the truth, but also to the dangers hidden among the ruins. “This city was once a beacon of knowledge and progress,” explains one of the survivors. 

“But it fell into oblivion when the war came. If you can recover the artifact, we can rise from our ashes.” The crusader, feeling the weight of history, prepares to descend into the city’s depths, determined to complete his mission.

The Crusader's Awakening

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