Part 5/5

Audio Bonus: Different from the story

With the crystal in his possession, the crusader returns to the dark lord’s fortress. He discovers that his master has betrayed the order and plans to use the crystal’s power to dominate the world.

 An inevitable confrontation looms. The crusader, supported by the survivors and the knowledge gained during his journey, clashes with the dark lord in an epic battle. Blows resonate in the air as the crusader fights with determination and faith. 

In the end, he manages to defeat the dark lord, saving the order and ensuring a future of peace and hope for humanity. “Your lust for power has brought only destruction,” declares the crusader, the crystal emanating a brilliant light. “But today, humanity will rise from the ashes.”

 With the dark lord defeated, the survivors begin to rebuild, inspired by the crusader’s courage. “This is just the beginning,” says the crusader, watching the new sun rise. “Together, we can create a better future, founded on justice and truth.”

The Crusader's Awakening

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