Part 3/5

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Leaving the Guardian’s garden, Eldrin ventured into an ancient forest. The trees whispered forgotten secrets as he sought a way to redeem his mistakes. Suddenly, he found himself face to face with a majestic stag. 

Its branching antlers were covered with living moss, its eyes shining with millennial wisdom. “Blacksmith,” a voice resonated in his mind, “you have forgotten the essence of true creation.” Eldrin knelt, overwhelmed. “How can I make amends?” 

The stag approached, gently touching Eldrin’s forehead with its muzzle. In that moment, the blacksmith saw the forest as an immense interconnected organism, every creature and plant part of a harmonious whole. “Creation is not control, but symbiosis,” the stag continued.

 “Your dragon is an imbalance because it has no place in this world.” Eldrin understood. His mistake was not creating the dragon, but making it without considering its role in the natural balance.

 “You must reforge your dragon,” the stag concluded, “not as an instrument of power, but as a guardian of harmony.” With new determination, Eldrin rose. Now he knew what he had to do.

The Essence of Creation

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