Our 6 Million Mission: 

We aim to evoke emotions and meanings through AI art creativity. Our goal isn’t just to celebrate art but also to fast-track the adoption of artificial intelligence worldwide for tangible benefits.

Your Contribution Matters:

Check out this progress bar. It symbolizes our collective ambition. The target? 6 million high-quality AI images. Every piece you upload, every friend you invite, brings us closer to this milestone.

Total Images = 1084
Goal = 6 Million

real-time updated image count.

Why It’s Important:

We’re an evolving platform with a clear vision. Many are skeptical about AI art being the future. But with a gallery of 6 million images, we’ll showcase AI’s potential and beauty. This will not only champion AI art but also ease the broader adoption of artificial intelligence worldwide.

There are platforms out there that want us to fail. They are photographic image platforms that believe AI art is not real art and think it won’t be the future.

They are old wealthy gentlemen who believe creativity is just a photo. The largest photography platform has 5 million images.

But when we reach 6 million, no one will have doubts anymore. And no one will doubt that the entire field of intelligence has no future

Upon achieving this goal, we’ll host a charity exhibition, with proceeds going to medical research on human longevity and biotechnologies.

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“A picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine the impact of 6 million images.” 

Get involved, surpass traditional stock-photo sites, and be part of this artistic revolution.

OasisQi’s Objective:

– Advocate for AI through art.

– Show how AI and humanity can team up for a better world.

– Inspire and educate users via our platform.

– Offer a platform for artists to store and share their works, building a professional portfolio.

Your Creative Space:

Ever thought about how many AI creations might get lost on your computer or scattered chaotically across too many AI art tools? OasisQi is your free space to store, showcase, and share your art. Every image you upload becomes part of your personal portfolio, presenting your talent to the world and potentially drawing global professional opportunities. [Start Uploading]

How You Can Benefit:

Beyond supporting a greater cause, you have a chance to gain visibility. Promote your social profiles, your NFT shop, your courses, and more. Top artworks will also be featured on our Instagram profile, further amplifying your exposure.

Consistently publish. Come back every day or every week and help us achieve this ambitious goal that skeptics and non-innovative old photographers believe to be impossible.


Your creativity and passion are vital to us. Join this global community of AI artists, and together, let’s drive the next artistic revolution.

1. Redefine Art History: Art mirrors society’s evolution. With AI, we’re penning a new chapter. Help us prove that AI can breathe new life into art.

2. AI for a Brighter Future: Every piece you create is a step towards a world where AI and humans collaborate for a brighter future. By merging art and science, we can make a difference.

3. Showcase, Share, Thrive: Your creativity deserves acknowledgment. Here, you not only enrich our gallery but also build a professional portfolio, connecting with a global community of AI artists.

Click here, upload an image, and help us reach the goal. https://oasisqi.com/post-create-page/

The Journey to 6 Million Images: Celebrate Every Milestone With Us!

Growth and innovation are at the heart of our vision. We’ve charted an exciting path to reach an incredible milestone: 6 million images. We are eager to share with you every step of this journey and to celebrate each significant landmark. Here’s what’s in store:

 10,000 images: To underscore the importance of our pioneer users, those who uploaded at least 50 images before we hit this first milestone, will receive an exclusive virtual badge. This is a special recognition for those who’ve shown proactive commitment and believed in us right from the start.

 50,000 images: We’re gearing up to celebrate with a unique contest centered around artificial intelligence and imagery. Stay tuned, as details will be unveiled soon! Exciting prizes and opportunities to showcase your talent are on the horizon.

 100,000 images: The diversity and uniqueness of content make our platform stand out. We will launch a PR campaign to spotlight stories from some of you, highlighting the most cherished and meaningful images from our community.

 500,000 images: Recognizing the dedication of our most active users since the very beginning, we’ve decided to gift them a series of webinars and workshops on AI-generated art. These complimentary courses represent a valuable opportunity to deepen your knowledge and exchange ideas with industry experts.

 1 million images: Reaching this landmark will be cause for grand celebration. In this context, we’ll be collaborating with leading figures in the world of AI art, introducing an exclusive series of works that will be featured on our platform. It will be a moment of sharing and discovery for all of us.

 3 million images: This stage marks a pivotal point in our journey. We will organize a special event, hosting renowned professionals from the AI art sector, where we’ll discuss the latest innovations and trends. Furthermore, we’ll unveil the upcoming directions for our platform, spotlighting the most groundbreaking innovations in the realm of AI art.

 6 million images: Upon achieving this goal, we’ll host a charity exhibition, with proceeds going to medical research on human longevity and biotechnologies.

We urge you to stay with us through every phase of this exhilarating journey. Every image and every contribution brings us closer to our ultimate goal. Heartfelt thanks for being an integral part of our vision and for helping us achieve something truly extraordinary.

Click here, upload an image, and help us reach the goal. https://oasisqi.com/post-create-page/