Part 3/4

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Drakon, with his shimmering scales and fiery breath, blocks their way. Nimbus and VG prepare to fight, but Nimbus, remembering Arion’s words, decides to face Drakon with words of peace and friendship. He explains to the dragon their intention to discover the crystal not out of selfishness but out of a desire to learn and grow.

Drakon, touched by Nimbus’s sincerity, lowers his defenses and allows them to approach the crystal. VG, eyes full of wonder, examines the crystal, while Nimbus feels a deep connection with the energy it emanates.

Suddenly, a vision strikes Nimbus: he sees a future where he and VG use the power of the crystal to bring prosperity and peace to Elaria. He realizes that the true power of the crystal is not immortality but the ability to inspire hope and change.

With gratitude, Nimbus and VG thank Drakon and Arion for their help and leave the mountain, bringing with them not only the knowledge of the crystal but also a new understanding of the true power of friendship and collaboration.

With the magical crystal in their hands, Nimbus and VG return to their village, welcomed as heroes. The news of their success spreads quickly, and the inhabitants of Elaria gather to hear their stories and see the wondrous crystal. 

Nimbus and VG explain to everyone the true nature of the crystal and how their adventure has profoundly changed them.

The Dragon

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