Part 2/5

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Deep within a fortress of metal and glass, the crusader stands before his master, a dark lord cloaked in black. The walls are illuminated by neon lights, creating a cold and menacing atmosphere.

 “You have been chosen for a mission that will determine the fate of our order,” proclaims the dark lord, his metallic voice echoing in the hall. 

The crusader nods, determination in his eyes. His mission is clear: uncover the secrets of the past and protect the future, at any cost. “The technology of the past is the key to our future,” continues the dark lord. 

“You must find and retrieve the lost artifact that holds the power to change the world’s fate.” The crusader feels the weight of responsibility, but his faith is unwavering. Leaving the fortress, he prepares to face a journey full of dangers and challenges, guided by the hope of redeeming not only himself but all of humanity. “I will not fail,” he promises, gripping his rifle. “For justice, for truth, for the future.

The Dark Order

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