Part 2/5

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The angel, now a prisoner, sat on a throne of blood. Her wings, once white, were stained crimson. The Demon King had transformed her, molding her in his image. Yet deep within her being, a spark of light persisted.

Every night, the Demon King visited her, attempting to win her heart. And every night, she resisted, clinging to the memory of her true nature. But as time passed, the line between good and evil began to blur.

“Why do you still resist?” he asked one evening, his voice a mix of frustration and fascination.
“Because I know there is good in you too,” she replied, surprising him.

For the first time in millennia, the Demon King felt vulnerable. The armor he had built around his heart began to crack.
As he watched her, he realized that her beauty was not just in her appearance but in the strength of her spirit. And, against all odds, he began to desire not just her body but also her soul.

The Crimson Transformation

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