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In the heart of an abandoned city, there was a garden shrouded in mystery, known only as the Cursed Garden. At the center of this dark place, sat Faelora, a skeletal queen with silver hair and eyes glowing with a spectral green light. 

Her body was adorned with roses that emitted an unsettling glow, as if they were alive. Faelora had not always been this way. Once, she was a young maiden, loved and adored by all. 

But her longing for eternal beauty led her to make a pact with an ancient forest spirit, who promised her youth and beauty in exchange for her soul. Unaware of the true cost, Faelora accepted. 

The roses that adorned her body grew from her own pain, nourished by her eternal suffering. Every night, the garden echoed with spectral whispers, the voices of trapped souls mingling with her laments. 

The roses fed on her tears, and each petal represented a piece of her lost humanity. Her only companions were the spirits of people who had once tried to uncover the secrets of the garden, now trapped for eternity like her. Every night, Faelora wondered if there was a way to escape her fate.

The Queen of the Cursed Garden

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