Part 2/5

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One night, the wind carried a dark energy. Skeletal figures appeared in the garden, lost souls screaming for peace. Among them, a stronger presence made its way through, an imposing figure with eyes burning with blue flames. 

It was Vlad, an ancient cursed sorcerer seeking power in the Cursed Garden. He made his way through the spirits, drawn by the legend of Faelora. “Your suffering is palpable, skeletal queen,” he said in a voice that seemed to come from the abyss. 

“But I can give you the peace you seek, at a cost.” Faelora, weary of her eternal torture, looked at him with hopeful eyes. “What do you desire in return?” she asked. “Your garden,” Vlad replied with a sinister smile. 

“Its energy will give me the power to dominate death itself.” Faelora hesitated, but the prospect of freedom was too tempting. “I accept,” she finally said, unaware that her torment was about to reach a new level of horror.

The Unexpected Guest

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