Part 3/5

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Vlad began the ritual, chanting incantations in an ancient and forgotten language. The roses on Faelora’s body began to glow intensely, while the garden itself seemed to tremble under the effect of the spell. 

As the ritual continued, Faelora felt unbearable pain coursing through her body. The roots of the roses extended, penetrating the ground and wrapping around Vlad. The dark power flowed into the garden, transforming it into a place of pure horror.

 Suddenly, a flash of awareness struck Faelora. She realized that Vlad was not only trying to steal the garden but also her soul and the power of the trapped souls. The voices of the spirits began to scream, their lament filling the air with agony. 

In an act of desperation, Faelora opposed the ritual, using the last of her strength to reverse the spell. The garden rebelled, the roses wrapping around Vlad, crushing him.

The Dark Ritual

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