Part 5/5

Audio Bonus: Different from the story

The garden returned to its state of eerie beauty, with roses glowing with a spectral light. Faelora, now more aware of her power and her destiny, decided to accept her eternal curse. 

The trapped souls found comfort in her presence, and she devoted herself to guiding them toward a peace she would never know. 

The voices of visitors disappeared, frightened by the new legend of the Cursed Garden, governed by the Queen of Roses. Faelora became a symbol of terror and redemption, a guardian of a place where only the brave dared to venture. 

And so, in the heart of the abandoned city, the Cursed Garden remained, an eternal warning of greed and dark power. Faelora, with her spectral roses, continued to watch over it, a skeletal queen in a realm of death and beauty.

The Redemption of the Garden