Part 2/4

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The next morning, Nimbus and VG wake up to the sound of birds singing and the sun illuminating the Mountain of Shadows. Determined to reach the magical crystal, they begin their climb. The mountain is steep and full of dangers, with narrow paths and slippery rocks. Nimbus, with his strength and endurance, helps VG overcome the obstacles, while VG, with his agility and intelligence, finds safe routes and solutions to the problems they encounter.

During the climb, they meet an ancient guardian of the mountain, a giant eagle named Arion. Arion, with her majestic wings and piercing eyes, watches the two friends with interest. Nimbus, respectful, asks for permission to continue their quest, explaining their desire to discover the magical crystal.

Arion, impressed by the sincerity of Nimbus and VG, decides to help them. She guides them through secret passages and hidden caves, telling them the history of the mountain and its secrets. They discover that the Mountain of Shadows is protected by ancient magic and that only those who are pure of heart can reach the crystal.

After a day of hard work and numerous trials, Nimbus and VG finally reach the top of the mountain. Before them, in a cave illuminated by a mystical light, they see the magical crystal, shimmering and full of energy. But just as they are about to approach, a powerful guardian emerges from the shadow: an ancient dragon named Drakon.

The Climb of the Mountain of Shadows

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