Part 4/5

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In the turmoil of the battle, Faelora was gravely wounded by the dark energies released from the ritual. As she was about to fall, another skeletal figure appeared among the spirits, a figure that seemed a dark projection of her own soul, but with a more imposing and menacing aspect. 

This skeleton, representing Death itself, gently lifted her in its arms. As Death held her, Faelora, for a brief moment, appeared as she once was: a young woman of incomparable beauty, with golden hair and eyes full of life. 

This reflection of her true essence was the result of her sacrifice, revealing her pure heart despite her outward appearance. Death looked at Faelora with hollow eyes but full of ancient understanding. “You have fought bravely,” it said in a deep, resonant voice.

 “But your fate is sealed.” Faelora, with one last effort, looked into Death’s eyes. “I do not regret my sacrifice. If I can save these souls, it will have been worth it.” 

Death slowly nodded and lifted her, carrying her through the dark forest. Each step released purifying energy, and the trapped souls in the garden began to find peace. Faelora, now aware that her time had come, let go, knowing that her struggle had brought redemption.

The Final Sacrifice

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